Pearly skin, Summer hit, Vanished by the wind

Aude Meyer de Stadelhofen – Pearly skin, Summer hit, Vanished by the wind

The beach is a conflicting space. At once romantic and ridiculous, timeless and urgent, a fantasised empty space and a crowded shore, a place of freedom and a border.
Pearly Skin, Summer Hit, Vanished by the Wind is a trace, a metaphor for the representations of the beach in the collective imagination today, before its disappearance.

The newspaper, divided into three themes – anthropology, climate and migration – juxtaposes dreamlike images, factual news, necessary texts and meaningless advertisings. These different languages emphasise the paradoxical complexity of the place. Using cyanotype, the sheet becomes skin, and the print becomes a tan. The back and forth of the waves marks the pages, strewn with grains of sand and sun cream.

Diploma project (2023) by Aude Meyer de Stadelhofen

Poster, Editorial