Mono 4T Exhibition

Johannes Seibel – Mono 4T Exhibition

The spatial design Mono 4T Exhibition was developed for an event of the German design manufactory Mono in collaboration with the German Design Graduates for the 40th anniversary of the Mono teapot.

The core elements of the modular system are reused tea glass shipping boxes, which are stabilised by four stainless steel L-profiles fixed together with a packaging strap.

A stainless-steel sheet is placed on the support structure providing a high-quality stage for the ten sculptural objects designed by the selected graduates.

Text on the sheet’s bent front sides informs about the designer’s name and object title. After the exhibition, the sheets will be recycled into production.

Large-format detail photos of the objects, printed on fabric banners, enhance the exhibition’s visual experience.

Diploma project (2023) by Johannes Seibel

Installation, Packaging
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