Ignacio Pérez – Èvokâ

Created in partnership with the Library of the Canton and University of Fribourg, Èvokâ is an interactive installation that explores how the archive held at the Librarycan once again become a living part of the canton's identity.

The project investigates emplotment techniques, linking personal, collective and cultural identities with historical archives. By interweaving autobiographical elements with software-assisted narratives, Èvokâ aims to revive a sense of belonging to the Canton of Fribourg.

Based on the concepts of artificial memories and personal narratives, Èvokâ creates an experience that is both individual and shared between users, but also one that reflects the values and history of the canton. Through user research studies, the project marked a first step in defining experiences in the context of collective and cantonal identities.

Diploma project (2023) by Ignacio Pérez