VR Sequences 2021

VR Sequences 2021

VR Music Video projects created by second-year students in the Bachelor of Media & Interaction Design program.

Transversal project (2021) by Elodie Anglade, Soraya Camina, Jamy Herrmann, Marine Dang, Mélanie Fontaine, Jorge Reis

Virtual Reality (VR)

Sonate Mécanique

In the realm of broken hourglass melodies, a dreamy desert world emerges with enigmatic faceless figures. They materialize and fade, shrouded in mystery about their origins and intentions. Within a cryptic ritual, both soothing and disconcerting, the encounter mirrors the ephemeral nature of a dream.


By Elodie Anglade and Soraya Camina


Between contemplation and suffocation, silhouette and strobe light, CAPTIVUS imposes an experience as dreamy as it is oppressive. In this short virtual reality video, you will witness the crescendo and choreography of a battered body trapped between two walls.


By Marine Dang and Jamy Herrmann



This project takes the viewer on a perpetual, future-nostalgic collage journey. It is notably inspired by Stanley Kubrick's "Space Odyssey" and the science-fiction series "Out of the Unknown."


By Bogdan Nastase and Leoni Limbach

Mind Box

Mind Box guides the viewer through a vibrant, architecturally intriguing environment. They traverse rooms with captivating geometric shapes inhabited by spheres in rhythmic motion. This immersive experience fosters playful exploration within the wondrous structure.


By Mélanie Fontaine and Jorge Reis