Fiction film workshop with Carmen Jaquier

Fiction film workshop with Carmen Jaquier

The 2023 fiction film workshop for 2nd year students was lead by swiss director Carmen Jaquier.

Studio project (2024) by Victor Cateau, Aurélie Chételat, Antonin Dutoit, David Gonseth, Lanna Melissa Nebie, Louis Richalet, Camille Surdez, Nafi Touré, Serhii Tykhoniuk


Head of workshop: Carmen Jaquier

"The initial proposal was to leave room for the students' desires and quests, while offering a simple framework for the making of their second-year film. We worked from a single set, as vast as Michelangelo Frammartino's and the exhausted interior architecture of John Cassavetes' characters. Together, we looked for simple, accessible, everyday ways of nurturing a story and characters. We wanted to capture gestures, ways of speaking, and significant details in people we know and don't know. We came up with "A Rock", a sort of collection of images, thoughts and interactions, with the idea of expanding the universe of the films. To avoid the black holes of writing, we set ourselves in action, in movement. We imagined the shoots as parties, and danced with Aurélien. Collages and skeletons invaded the white walls of the school, revealing the films to come. 

On the big screen, I watch, moved, two young brothers tearing themselves apart over a lie, three friends in a frenzy just before separation, a young man absorbed by his need for power, a friend giving in under the weight of the mountain, two sisters who have made a promise to each other, a son who summons his father's spirit through music, the love and death rites of a young kendoka, a group of girlfriends in search of an inner voice, and a fragmented young man, before the end of the world."

Carmen Jaquier, director

• Victor Cateau , Adam, 18'09

• Aurélie Chételat , Diapason 440, 11'14

Antonin Dutoit , L'ordre des choses, 56'

David Gonseth , Broke, 20'44

• Lanna Melissa NebieHive, 15'02

• Louis Richalet , Utaga-U, 17'39

• Camille SurdezInconscientes, 20'27

• Nafi Touré , Ombres, 15'

Serhii Tykhoniuk , Backwards, 21'19


Victor Cateau - Adam
Aurélie Chételat - Diapason 440
Antonin Dutoit - L'ordre des choses
David Gonseth - Broke
Lanna Melissa Nebie - Hive
Louis Richalet - Utaga-U
Camille Surdez - Inconscientes
Nafi Touré - Ombres
Serhii Tykhoniuk - Backwards