Bachelor Film Studies

This programme is for students passionate about all genres of film and moving image (fiction, documentary, experimental movie, institutional film, TV programme, video clip and advertising). Although training in directing – including personal scriptwriting – remains central, this Bachelor course also provides extensive multidisciplinary skills in the various film-making professions (scriptwriter, director of photography, editor, sound recordist, mixer…).

Through lectures and workshops provided by renowned figures of the discipline, the students perfect their skills in fields as varied as stage direction, actor direction, scriptwriting or production. Commissions by institutions or companies ensure that students are confronted with an actual working environment. Often presented in festivals the world over and broadcast on national and foreign TV channels, ECAL films are regularly awarded distinctions. Additionally, the students benefit from theoretical courses and multidisciplinary conferences on the ECAL premises.

The skills acquired during the Bachelor curriculum allow students to explore and submit a portfolio of varied films, enabling them to then sign up for various film-making professions, to produce art house films or advertisements, and to work in television, production companies or festivals. The students may also further their knowledge in their preferred field by embarking on the Master in Cinema at ECAL or a similar programme in another institution.


Pauline Gygax

Academic deputy
Rachel Noël

Adèle Beaulieu (academic)
Jean-Guillaume Sonnier (production & diffusion)
Jules Pourchet (post-production & image)
Paul Pourchet (post-production & image)

François Bovier
Thibault de Chateauvieux, Paris
Rachel Noël
Benoît Rossel, Paris
Richard Szotyori

Visiting lecturers
Maud Alpi, Paris, Nantes
Séverine Barde, 
Blaise Bauquis, Genève
Renato Berta, Paris
Julien Bouissoux, Berne
Mikael Buch, Paris
Thomas Cailley, Paris
Thierry de Peretti, Ajaccio
Etienne Curchod
Josée Deshaies, Paris
Laurence Ferreira Barbosa, Paris
Pauline Gaillard, Paris
Hippolyte Girardot, Paris
Agnès Godard, Paris
Stéphane Goël
Maryam Goormaghtigh, Paris
Alain Gomis, Paris
Yann Gonzalez, Paris
Laurent Guido, Paris
Gwénola Héaulmes, Paris
Marie-Eve Hildbrand
Denis Jutzeler, Genève
Marianne Lamour, Paris
Rachel Lang, Bruxelles
Laurence Larre, Paris
Olivier Loustau, Paris
Gaëlle Macé, Arles
Ursula Meier, Bruxelles
François Musy, Rolle
Julie Naas, Bruxelles
Jeanne Oberson, 
Mariana Otero, Paris
Emmanuel Salinger, Paris
Anne Seibel, Paris
Raphaël Sohier, Paris
Karine Sudan, Genève

Jean-Jacques Annaud, Paris
Darren Aronofsky, New York
Suzanne Bier, Copenhague
Joel Coen, New-York
Clemens Klopfenstein, Montefalso
Thierry Frémaux, Paris
Guillaume Gallienne, Paris
Michel Hazanavicius, Paris
Werner Herzog, Los Angeles
Agnès Jaoui, Paris
Barbet Schroeder, Paris
Léa Seydoux, Paris
Claire Simon, Paris
Jeremy Thomas, Londres
Gus Van Sant, Portland
Thomas Vinterberg, Copenhague
Frederick Wiseman, New York
Andrei Zviaguintsev, Moscou

Masterclass ECAL: Abel Ferrara
Pardino d'oro to Nora Longatti at the Locarno Film Festival
Screening at the Swiss Culture Centre, Paris
Screening of ECAL films at the Swiss Culture Centre in Paris
Rencontres 7e Art Lausanne 2021
Emmanuel Carrère, writer, screenwriter and director
Tuesday 20.04.2021 Online, visionsdureel.ch
Masterclasses ECAL: Milio Rau, playwright, director
3 March and 20 March 2021
ECAL at Solothurn Days 2021; Upcoming Talent Award + Nominations for the Swiss Film Awards
Upcoming Talent Award + Nominations for the Swiss Film Awards