Bachelor Industrial Design

Working with materials, designing or redefining an object’s function, creating new products, challenging production technologies, conceiving a scenography – this programme is for passionate, curious students wishing to make product design their profession. This vocational Bachelor course provides a high level of skills and know-how required by industrial designers.

Supervised by renowned practitioners and evolving in studios equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the students work on conceiving the form and function of objects as well as on production modes. Simultaneously they become seasoned in technical drawing, CAD softwares, additive manufacturing and materials science. During their curriculum they are involved in collaborative projects with first-rate companies, leading to various productions, exhibitions and publications in the international press. Workshops are also organised with major actors in this field. The students also benefit from a wide range of theoretical courses and multidisciplinary conferences on the ECAL premises.

Through the graphic design and photography courses, students are able to produce a portfolio to the highest professional standards, and therefore to find work in international agencies or leading companies or to establish their own business. They may also further their knowledge in their chosen field by continuing with one Master or MAS offered at ECAL, as well as an equivalent programme in another institution of higher education.

Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard

Antonio Albanese
Nicolas Bourgeois
Christian Chabloz
Alexandre Gaillard
Claus Gunti
Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard
Tomas Kral
Patrick Monnier
Elric Petit
Adrien Rovero
Deodaat Tevaearai
Julien Wegmüller
Cédric Widmer

Maddalena Casadei, Milan
Michel Charlot, Porto
Pierre Doze, Paris
Christophe Guberan
Martin Haldimann
Matthieu Jaccard
Raphäel de Kalbermatten, Porto
Nicolas Nova
Cyrille Piguet
Pierre Ponant, Paris
Jeanne Quéheillard, Bordeaux
Julie Richoz, Paris
Constance Rubini, Paris
Laurence Salmon, Paris
Wieki Somers, Rotterdam
Christian Spiess, Zurich
Chi-Long Trieu
Nicholai Wiig Hansen, Copenhague

Visiting Lecturers
Shay Alkalay, London
Aldo Bakker, Amsterdam
Jörg Boner, Zurich
Antoine Boudin, Hyères
Ronan Bouroullec, Paris
Mark Braun, Berlin
CATK, Berlin
Pierre Charpin, Paris
Pauline Deltour, Paris
Joachim De Callataÿ, Paris
Thomas Deutschenbaur (DNS), Zurich
Nathalie Dewez, Bruxelles
Andreas Engesvik, Oslo
Constance Guisset, Paris
Floris Hovers, Raamsdonkveer
Chris Kabel, Rotterdam
Christian Kaegi, Zurich
Map Project Office, London
Alberto Meda, Milan
Mathieu Mercier, Paris
Carolien Niebling, Zurich
Pinaffo-Pluvinage, Paris
Lernert & Sander, Amsterdam
Francesca Sarti, Milan
Inga Sempé, Paris
Hector Serrano, London
Yuri Suzuki, London
Alexander Taylor, London
Samuel Wilkinson, London
Sylvain Willenz, Bruxelles
Roel Wouters, Amsterdam
Clara von Zweigbergk, Stockholm

Artistic deputy
Anthony Guex

Giulia Chéhab
Jasmine Deporta
Elie Fazel
Quang Vinh Nguyen
Silvio Rebholz