Presque Rien

Presque Rien


Led by the acclaimed French designer Erwan Bouroullec, the workshop 'Presque Rien' unfolded as an exploration of design possibilities within the setting of his estate and recently renovated Burgundy farm. The project envisioned an open canvas, encouraging ECAL’s Bachelor Industrial Design students, to diverge from traditional problem-solving.


Workshop (2023) with Erwan Bouroullec

Silvio Rebholz
Basile Avvanzino, Chiara Corno, Lena Bernasconi, Giulia Burrus, Bradley Campus, Noé Chassot, Cyprien Cossy, Louise Dupont, Diego Eiholzer, Teo Primo Frizzarin, Iris Gerbex, Marion Gomes, Alejandrina Hernandez, Minna Holenweg, Toscane Jourde, Jeffrey Krieger, Virginie Lienhart, Denise Merlette, Bowen Huang, Juliette Masson, Amedeo Oddo, Léa Omez, Jeanne Reymond, Tiziana Rocha da Silva, Cindy Sacher, Till Seegräber, Sophia Zeller, Jacobo Zunzunegui

The workshop leveraged the site’s potential and its unique attributes — an isolated landscape with space, nature interactions, and a public dimension. Here, agile, effective, and relevant methods took precedence over industry norms, embodying a performative lightness and focusing on minimalism.

Images by ECAL/Jasmine Deporta



The essence was to provide creative freedom, encouraging the students to draw inspiration from the ordinary yet multifaceted environment and to diverge from traditional process. Insisting on the discovery of novel methods while allowing the use of on-site materials or energies, interventions were required to leave no trace, demanding a light and respectful approach.

Emphasizing the bond with the location and its essence, the students engaged in extensive walks in the forest, bonfires, and discussions with local craftsmen, foresters, farmers and manufacturer.

Images ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

The workshop's outcomes ranged from tangible constructions to ephemeral interventions, drawing inspiration from resources at hand like water, wind, wood, and discarded items. The final showcase takes the form of process videos, which not only capture the workshop's diverse typologies of creations but also influence a broader protocol of socialization, advocating for harmonious living through purposeful design.

Presentation of the workshop at La Grange