Virtual clocks with no time markers, simple representations of time passing.

Selection of projects created in the first year Bachelor Media & Interaction during the Dynamic Display course with Angelo Benedetto.

Find all the interactive versions here.

Studio project (2017) with Angelo Benedetto

UX/UI, Creative coding, Data visualization, Visual identity, Web
9:16 https://ecal-mid.ch/projects/2017/hhmmss/assets/corentinvignet/index.html
ECAL 2015/Corentin Vignet
9:16 https://ecal-mid.ch/projects/2017/hhmmss/assets/sebastienmatos/index.html
ECAL 2016/Sébastien Matos
9:16 https://ecal-mid.ch/projects/2017/hhmmss/assets/paulnoel/index.html
ECAL 2017/Paul Lëon