Audio Reactive

Audio Reactive

Series of audio reactive projects developed for the visual identity of the French Pavilion “Studio Venezia” by Xavier Veilhan at the Biennale di Venezia. Instagram posts were produced based on these experiments.

Curators: Lionel Bovier and Christian Marclay

Graphic Design: Gavillet Cie

Other (2017) by Iyo Bisseck, Jonathan Boulenaz, Kevin Breithaup, Diane Bécheras, Maëlle Chenaux, Bastien Mouthon, David Nguyen, Alice Nimier, Luca Sassoli De Bianchi, Tamara Virág, Nathan Vogel, Anouk Zibaut, Ernest de Lapaillone, Alfatih ‎, Sébastien Matos

Creative coding, Sound, Type design, Visual identity, Performance
Video ECAL/Gianni Camporota and Romain Cazier Drums ECAL/Christian Pahud