Sylvain Meltz – Mecadro

Mecadro is a construction game available on computer and online (, that allows you to create a “machine“ based on simple mathematical and geometric principles (translations, rotations, trigonometry…) to product complex drawings. The game introduces the user to programming through a graphic interface: he has to experiment, think in a certain way, observe and contemplate a more or less expected result. During my 4 years at ECAL, the hidden beauty of mathematics and geometry has been one of the most interesting discoveries: with a simple formula, a point can become a moving, independent and complex object.

Programming took a significant part in my studies and introduced me to a certain reasoning and creative “behaviour” : to experiment, to research, to alter…

Sylvain Meltz

Diploma project (2013) by Sylvain Meltz

Very good
UX/UI, Creative coding, Illustration, Web, Tools