Jeremy Rosenstein – Resurrection

A retired couple are given the mission to create a short religious film. This amateur filming will mark the rebirth of desire within their relationship.

Diploma project (2012) by Jeremy Rosenstein


Fiction / 20min


Henri and Annette, a retired couple, live in a suburban house. Since her hip fracture, Annette is depressed. Henry doesn't know how to give his wife her zest for life back. During the meeting of the seniors of their parish, the pastor presents different projects to animate the next Easter Sunday. Henry and his wife were given the task of creating a video celebrating the Resurrection. Henri and his wife isolate themselves and start shooting a short film in which they play the only roles. This amateurish, makeshift filming marks the rebirth of desire within their couple.


With Resurrection, Jeremy offers a daring look at the couple. A journey to the land of intimacy and flesh where aged and tired bodies move on the ground of desire, play and freedom. Far from the conventions.

Elsa Amiel / Director