Dehors (Photography)

Michaela Theus – Dehors (Photography)

It is raining in the park. Natacha and her son Eli are looking for a shelter for the night. Walter wanders alone with his guitar.

Diploma project (2021) by Michaela Theus

Fiction / 23 mn


The rain wets the park where Eli is playing alone. Drops fall on Natacha’s embarrassed face as she searches through her phone book for a solution. Not far away, Walter is wandering alone. The sound of his guitar travels up to the mother and child who are seeking shelter for the night.

The hostility of the outside world, the fear of being left behind and an encounter, that of a mother and child who have recently become homeless with an outsider: for a moment, in all their modesty, they inspire us with a semblance of a blended family.

An actress, a child, a bohemian. Unstable weather, a lot of improvisation and flexibility. A lesson in freedom, simplicity and letting go. For me, as for others, the experience of a project flirting with the documentary was like a powerful rite of passage.

Student's comment

The film Dehors was a journey that brought me and my collaborator, friend and director Charlène Girel closer than ever. Between planning and improvisation, depth and flight, emotional chaos and creative release, we went through all the phases. We never left the boat: I remained  on board as cinematographer, as high as the waves breaking on the deck, and we did our best to keep the sails oriented towards the vision of the filmmaker. Trust and fascination for the director became essential components to be able to put our hearts into a project. Thanks to all those who helped us stay on course. The birth of this film was not easy, but it was only the beginning of many journeys into unknown waters.

Michaela Theus