NOE – Silent Table

Agnes Murmann – NOE – Silent Table

The acoustics in a room have a large impact on our well-being. Restaurants often have to take measures to improve the acoustics. Noe is a table for restaurants that takes on this task. It absorbs sound through its structure. It is constructed similar to a boat to create a cavity in the table top. The Helmholtz effect comes into play during absorption – sound penetrates through the openings, resonates in the cavity and is converted into heat. This means that no porous materials need to be added and the table remains hygienic. The table is made entirely of wood, with a plywood table top and fine lamellas on the underside of the table. This design keeps the table light physically but also visually, so it fits well in different restaurants.

Diploma project (2022) by Agnes Murmann

Murmann_Agnes_NoeSilentTable_Image_03 (BEST).jpg