Ecal×Mini Rethinking the Wheel

Ecal×Mini Rethinking the Wheel

"Rethinking the Wheel" – a series of projets on steering wheels.

Will we be controlling our cars through voice recognition in future? With a soft toy? How about a pizza box? The digital transformation and electrification of cars has opened up a world of possibilities at the wheel.

MINI’s design team and ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne have collaborated closely on a sophisticated design study to develop unexpected ideas for the future of steering wheels. Under the direction of ECAL tutors Camille Blin and Christophe Guberan, Master students in Product Design have addressed the topic and come up with spectacular designs, developing, improving and ultimately achieving their vision in ongoing consultation with Christian Bauer, Head of Interior Design at MINI.

The result: nine innovative and surprising designs that question existing shapes and materials – and, as such, the way in which we might interact with our cars in the future – with a lot of creativity.

Workshop (2022) by Carolin Schelkle, Borja Suqué, Tsubasa Koshide, Manuel Steffan, Antoine Jacquat, Yoosung Kim, Giacomo De Paoli, Danpeng Cai, Beat Baumgartner

Margo Clavier
Antoine jacquat - ECAL/Santiago Martinez
Beat Baumgartner - ECAL/Santiago Martinez
Carolin Schelkle - ECAL/Santiago Martinez
Yoosung Kim - ECAL/ Santiago Martinez
Manuel Steffan - ECAL/Santiago Martinez
Borja Suqué - ECAL/Santiago Martinez
Tsubasa Koshide - ECAL/Santiago Martinez
Giacomo De Paoli - ECAL/Santiago Martinez
Danpeng Cai - ECAL/Santiago Martinez