Wild Tales

Leoni Limbach – Wild Tales

A flower is not just a flower, it is all living beings that depend on it to bloom.

In the context of the biodiversity crisis, this book is a response to Gilles Clément's manifesto The Third Landscape. The landscaper calls for the revaluation of the spaces along our roads of cities. Between over-urbanisation and excessive agricultural monoculture, these forgotten marginal spaces are recolonised by pioneering, wild flora, regenerating ecosystems that are rich in biodiversity.

Unlike the herbarium, which proceeds by fragmentary analysis, this project analyses relationships between living beings. Wild Tales is a book of atmospheric illustrations that invites us to draw from the varied colours and shapes of this space as well as the wild stories that make it up.

Diploma project (2023) by Leoni Limbach

Imagemaking, Type design, Illustration, Editorial