Ambre Tuttle – A(r)table

Eating used to be a basic need, but today aesthetics have never been so important at the table. As cooking evolves into art, let us turn our food into unique creations, ephemeral experiences and vectors of identity.

A(r)table is a collection of objects that result from a search focused on visual impact and how we present our dishes. This project assumes that pleasure resides as much in the tasting as in the confection. The plate becomes an empty canvas for drawing, tracing and composing, calling for creativity. Paying attention to the appearance of our dishes may seem pointless, but it is the very origin of our desire to eat.

The pleasure of tasting starts with our imagination, and sublimating our plates is also sublimating a moment.

Diploma project (2023) by Ambre Tuttle

très bien
soft goods / accessories, Tableware