Analog Medium Format Workshop

Analog Medium Format Workshop


For this week's "sitter" theme, first-year photography students were asked to imagine a medium-format analog portrait. The term "sitter" was historically used in photography to designate the person posing for a portrait. This use dates back to the early days of photography, when long exposure times were necessary and subjects had to remain motionless for extended periods. The term reflected the idea that the person had to sit or hold a pose for the duration of the exposure. 

Now, as photography technology has evolved and exposure times have become shorter, the term "model" or "subject" has become more commonly used, reflecting a wider range of poses and activities beyond simply sitting.


Workshop (2023) with Anoush Abrar

Gaétan Uldry
Janine Agbayani, Salomé Billato, Lee Eggenschwiler, Vittorio Franzolini, Antoine Genoud, Morea Gërxhaliu, Rose Graf, Léa Isoard, Farah Mirzayeva, Auriane Nicollier, Lara Niklas, Colas Ravey, Melanie Rengifo, Aline Savioz, Ashley Schneiter, Fanny Sherifi, Louise Tapponnier, Sandra Teixeira, Shiny Vallenas, Léna Voélin, Lucca Vogel
Léa Isoard - ECAL
Farah Mirzayeva - ECAL