From A to B

From A to B

Video sequences realised during the 3D Graphics course led by Kylan Luginbühl. The videos interpret the From A to B theme, a direct exploration of the passage from one state to another.
Projects realised during the 1st year Bachelor Media & Interaction Design.

Studio project (2024) with Kylan Luginbühl

Steve Bouillant, Daniel Rocha, Teo Grajqevci, Yann Müller, Rosalie Girard, Shana Meinecke
3D Graphics


A world suspended in time, where each step marks a journey through varied landscapes dominated only by presence.


Music: Aïsha Devi - Light Luxury
By Steve Bouillant



Infiniment petit


Music: Beautiful Relaxing Ambient - De UNIVERSFIELD
By Daniel Rocha

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Music: Vangelis - Return To The Void
By Teo Grajqevci

Capture d’écran 2024-02-23 à 16.16.57.png
Capture d’écran 2024-02-23 à 16.17.49.png

Expansion of a new reality


Music: Swerve Space By Lama House (Epidemic Sound)
By Yann Müller



Yellow Car


Music: Chassol - Petit cobra (Thème touche française)
By Rosalie Girard

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Frozen Tears


Music: Frozen Tears [piano version] by MusicLFiles
By Shana Meinecke

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