It's About Time

It's About Time

Digital clocks with no temporal reference points, simple representations of the passage of time. Developed on the principle of screensavers, these projects are programmed to evolve graphically according to the time of day.
Selection of projects created in the first-year Bachelor Media & Interaction Dynamic Display course with Angelo Benedetto, assisted by Sébastien Matos.

Studio project (2024) with Angelo Benedetto

Sébastien Matos
Steve Bouillant, Teo Grajqevci, Daniel Rocha, Rosalie Girard
Creative coding, Motion design, Realtime



A 2D playground where each module symbolizes a unit of time.

By Steve Bouillant

It’s About Time

Visuals made from grenerated chat messages which refer to the time of day. 

By Teo Grajqevci




The project features a computer that feels an emptiness caused by the departure of its owner. Desperate to see him go, the computer starts writing to him in the hope of getting him to come back. Faced with no response, it decides to resort to more extreme measures, threatening to delete files and even corrupt itself, destroying itself little by little.


By Daniel Rocha

Owari no nai tōri

Owari no nai tōri is a screensaver that transports us to a ghost town in the heart of Japan. We stroll down an endless street, punctuated by the various colorful facades, electric wires, cherry blossoms, azaleas, cats, irises and Nipponese signs. It's a quiet, contemplative journey.

By Rosalie Girard