Much Faster / Much Slower

Much Faster / Much Slower

Fictional mobile apps based on the "Much Faster / Much Slower" theme, offering new ways of consulting, communicating, creating, playing, discovering and learning. Students in their 2nd year of Bachelor Media & Interaction Design designed a dedicated experience and graphic interface via interactive prototypes on Figma.

Studio project (2024) with Alain Bellet

Thomas Gaudin, Alexine Sierro, Livia Schmid, Emilie Maier, Mathias Liniger
UX/UI, Visual identity


Incr is a stylist and manager of your digital wardrobe. Once you've saved your clothes, you can create your three outfits yourself, or let incr do it for you with its three different modes.

By Thomas Gaudin


Tap seeker

TAP SEEKER is an app that offers a different pace for image consumption, through gamified awareness of the stages of discovery, in a minimalist and playful framework. Its mechanisms are based on "anti-user-friendly" features, with blocking and activating feeds, hiding and revealing images one by one, and imposing waiting times.

By Alexine Sierro



BonApp aims to reduce food waste among users and supermarkets. The app features a scan function to quickly obtain product information. Through learning modules and challenges, users accumulate points that can be redeemed for discounts on purchases.

By Livia Schmid



Nova is an app that allows users to get an immervise experience while reading. The app features custom reading sessions, reviews with friends, a bookclub and more.

By Emilie Maier



Clickclock allows you to set alarm clocks and customize their levels. The app then provides you with fun and challenging mini-games that help you to wake up. 

By Mathias Liniger