Extra 2020

Extra 2020

A one week workshop with Cyril Diagne where students were asked to question the browser and its use, to change the experience of the web thanks to chrome extensions.

Workshop (2020) with Cyril Diagne

Elodie Anglade, Martial Grin, Jamy Herrmann, Achille Masson, Jorge Reis
UX/UI, Creative coding, Data visualization, Web, Tools


ECAL/Jamy Herrmann

TRACE is a Chrome extension that lets you visualize your path through images on the web.
An alternative to the classical browsing history and a simple project mixing graphic design and data visualization.


History Bubble

ECAL/Elodie Anglade

History Bubble, a Chrome extension helping you visualize your browsing history on a day-to-day basis.


Chrome Pollution

ECAL/Jorge Reis

Chrome Pollution allows you to see the invisible working with real time air quality data.



ECAL/Achille Masson

iEye is the best add-on for your browser in this decade. Switch tabs, scroll down, interact with your browser… just with your face.
This Chrome extension uses ml5.js for facetracking.


Rekt Animation

ECAL/Martial Grin

“Website Animations suck”
With the Chrome extension “Rekt Animation”, remove any pointless and invasive animation on any website.

Trace ECAL/Jamy Herrmann
Trace ECAL/Jamy Herrmann
Trace ECAL/Jamy Herrmann
Trace ECAL/Jamy Herrmann


History Bubble ECAL/Elodie Anglade
History Bubble ECAL/Elodie Anglade


Chrome Pollution ECAL/Jorge Reis
iEye ECAL/Achille Masson
Rekt Animation ECAL/Martial Grin