Information Mesh is a web platform celebrating the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web that explores social, technical, cultural and legal facts throughout different interactive timelines. It was initiated in October 2018 during a one week workshop in partnership with swissnex San Francisco, where students visited key partners and began developing the project.

The timelines present an overview of Web history, starting with the proposal for hypertext by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in 1989, initially under the name “Information Mesh.” From this start date, users can then explore 30 years of evolution.

Collaboration (2019) by Jonathan Boulenaz, Iyo Bisseck, Kevin Breithaup, Diane Bécheras, Maëlle Chenaux, Sébastien Matos, Bastien Mouthon, Luca Sassoli De Bianchi, Tamara Virág, Nathan Vogel, Anouk Zibaut, Alfatih ‎

Tibor Udvari
UX/UI, Creative coding, Scenography, Data visualization, Documentary, Web
Web Phenomena ECAL/Alfatih
Hacks ECAL/Nathan Vogel
Web Landscape ECAL/Sébastien Matos, Jonathan Boulenaz and Guillaume Simmen
Web Influencers ECAL/Kevin Breithaupt and Bastien Mouthon
WorldWideMap ECAL/Luca Sassoli de Bianchi
Web Dictionary ECAL/Maëlle Chenaux