Constellations is a one-week workshop held by Béatrice Lartigue for the first year Bachelor M&ID students in November 2018.

The idea behind the workshop is to explore the invisible physical process of electrical conduction.

Using Touchboards, students explored different ways of giving form to this idea of electrical conduction by creating diverse projects using sound, video projection and/or installation.

Workshop (2018)

Tangible Interaction, Scenography, Sound, Installation, Electronics


MIDI Box is a Touchboard based MIDI controller that allows you to manually play back and create sequences for different virtual instruments.

ECAL/Sébastien Galera Larios and Valerio Meschi


The Sound of Planets

The Sound of Planets is a Touchboard based audiovisual installation. Working like a theremin, it allows the user to play with the sound and the visuals generated by the project in real-time.

ECAL/Malik Sobgoui and Basil Dénéréaz

MIDI Box ECAL/Sébastien Galera Larios & Valerio Meschi
The Sound of Planets ECAL/Malik Sobgoui & Basil Dénéréaz