Tilt Tower

Lucien Langton – Tilt Tower

Tilt Tower is an interactive monumental projection that took place during the Transat Festival in Lausanne on the 28th, 29th and 30th of June 2012. The main idea is to offer the public a fun and original way to interact with the projected content. Any spectator can launch an animation by dropping a ball in a hole situated in front of the building. The aim of this installation is to put in perspective differences in scale as well as the contrast between a physical input and a digital response.

The aspect that I enjoyed the most while developing the project was the creation of animations and their micro-nar- rations. However, as a whole, it is often hard to find such events with interactivity. It is also extremely rare to see anything different from the aesthetic clichés of 3D rendering engines. Most of the time, monumental projection takes place in the public space. That’s why it was simply a pleasure to build a different way to give a little life to it.”

Lucien Langton

Diploma project (2012) by Lucien Langton

Tangible Interaction, Game, Illustration, Electronics