Lucie Herter – R2Home

Every day, 1800 radiosondes are sent into the atmosphere to collect data and make weather forecasts. However, only 20% of the instruments are recovered worldwide.

R2Home is a solution developed by Yohan Hadjil, EPFL student, to address this problem. It features a fully autonomous paragliding robot that navigates to a precise landing spot determined by the user. More information on www.r2ho.me.

My project focuses on the development of the shell that protects the mechanism from the cold, the rain and shocks. It is mainly made of expanded polypropylene.
The shell consists of two parts that can be assembled using PET pieces. All materials can be easily recycled. Intuitive design, easily replaceable parts, environmentally friendly and reusable, R2Home is the next generation of radiosondes.

Diploma project (2022) by Lucie Herter

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