Talk To Me

Talk To Me

Talk To Me is a series of interactive objects designed by 1st-year Bachelor Media & Interaction Design students. These objects use dialogue as a playground and draw inspiration from conversational interfaces to create new interactions.

Workshop (2023) with Alain Bellet

Martial Grin
Elena Biasi, Olivia Capol, Baptiste Godart, Mehdin Talovic, Emilie Maier, Aryana Noorani, Livia Schmid, Alexine Sierro, Charlotte Waridel, Valère Zen-Ruffinen, Quentin Kohler, Thomas Gaudin, Mathias Liniger
Tangible Interaction, Tools


By grabbing an old telephone, users can call various phone lines and let themselves be carried along by the instructions of a voice.


By Thomas Gaudin and Mathias Liniger

Who are you really?

The user interacts with the object by answering questions using various buttons. Using an approach based on personality tests, the object then offers a subjective analysis of the user.


By Elena Bisai et Emilie Maier

Baptiste Godart, Valère Zen-Ruffinen
Aryana Noorani, Livia Schmid
Olivia Capol, Alexine Sierro
Quentin Kohler, Mehdin Talovic, Charlotte Waridel