Will I Exist Within You?

Adryan Barrilliet – Will I Exist Within You?

Will I Exist Within You? is an immersive exploration of the human duality between the desire for connection and the fear of suffering from it. The existential journey follows a torn individual, exploring how social interactions contribute to shaping their essence.

By delving into profound themes such as the search for meaning, loneliness, fear and love, the experience, which is divided into four parts, questions our relationship with others, individuality and self-construction.

Will I Exist Within You? is an extension of a reflection that began with my thesis work on the influence of video games on personal development, specifically the para-social bonds that are established between players and their accompanying characters.

Diploma project (2023) by Adryan Barrilliet

3D Graphics, Screenplay / Scriptwriting, Game, Realtime