The Table of the Future

Sam Lombardo – The Table of the Future

The Silverground modules are designed to provide an opportunity for senior citizens to exercise their agility and balance in public spaces. These innovative modules are designed to be built into the ground along a walkway. Available to everyone, they are a great way to practice a fun, intergenerational activity.

Balance is an essential skill for seniors. It is exercised through physical activity but is often neglected as we age. Professionally supervised physical activities are often costly for the elderly. These urban modules offer a solution accessible to all and help prevent falls – the main cause of accidents among the elderly.

Usually, we find that the room in which we cook is separate from the dining room and therefore, when we prepare a meal, we are away from the rest of the family or from our guests.

Beneath its ceramic top, this dining table hides an induction system. This means it can be used to prepare table dishes without additional equipment, or simply as a hob.

Indeed, who wouldn’t want to cook while looking after the children, work while preparing tea or coffee, cook a dish surrounded by friends, keep dishes warm or be able to cook raclette directly on the table?

Diploma project (2023) by Sam Lombardo

Emma Casella
Tableware, Furniture