Under the guidance of 3D duo YONK, Second-year students worked on creating animated water creatures with accompanying habitats for the project “Fishtank”, inspired by the wall of aquariums you find at a fish store. The students learnt the ins and outs of using Virtual Reality to Sculpt 3D assets as well as animating, lighting and texturing in the 3D software Blender.

Workshop (2023) with YONK

Elodie Anglade
Alexandre Gambarini, Mélanie Martin, Livia Schmid, Thomas Gaudin, Mathias Liniger, Emilie Maier, Elena Biasi, Olivia Capol, Baptiste Godart, Aryana Noorani, Odran Jobin, Alexine Sierro, Quentin Kohler, Charlotte Waridel, Valère Zen-Ruffinen
3D Graphics


Alexandre Gambarini - Bathscapes
Thomas Gaudin - Albie
Baptiste Godart - Grumpy Eater
Odran Jobin - Voraciflex
Quentin Kohler - Yggdrasil
Mélanie Martin - Skellutie
Emilie Maier - Nocturnal Pufftail
Mathias Liniger - Shroomy
Livia Schmid - Blushwool Grazer
Elena Biasi - Sir Blorgul Bob
Olivia Capol - Crooky
Charlotte Waridel - Sand God
Valère Zen-Ruffinen - Mister Gepe
Aryana Noorani - Slimy Stu
Elodie Anglade - MasterGlider 3000
Alexine Sierro - Gloomy Toad