Using a mixed reality headset, the students used their surroundings as playground. Through creative gestures, each experiment proposes a way of interacting with the environment.

Workshop (2024) with Alain Bellet, Mario Von Rickenbach

Elodie Anglade
Livia Schmid, Baptiste Godart, Quentin Kohler, Olivia Capol, Emilie Maier, Valère Zen-Ruffinen, Aryana Noorani, Elena Biasi, Charlotte Waridel, Mathias Liniger, Alexine Sierro, Thomas Gaudin
Augmented Reality (AR, XR), 3D Graphics, Game

Growing Plants

Grow plants using your gestures and the controller.

By Livia Schmid, Baptiste Godart

Custom With Fun

Replace the furniture around you by selecting it.

By Charlotte Waridel, Mathias Liniger

Why the fairies?

Knock out fairies and throw cans of beer at them.

By Alexine Sierro, Thomas Gaudin


Smash the surfaces around you with the controller.

By Emilie Maier, Valère Zen-Ruffinen

Cozy Fort

Hide under a table to escape the outside world.

By Aryana Noorani, Elena Biasi


Create portals on walls and floors and watch marbles pass through them.

By Olivia Capol, Quentin Kohler