zero lux(e)

Guillaume Simmen – zero lux(e)

Light pollution is a nuisance that humans don’t notice. But it disrupts the eco-system of thousands of species. The objective of my project is to turn off night lighting in rural areas.

It is composed of three tools, a DIY geolocated luxmeter to measure the pollution of its village, a DIY box to place under a streetlight that allows to alert the municipality, and the website that gathers the collected information and that also serves as a support to mobilize people.

This project has shown me how I can help in important causes.

Diploma project (2019) by Guillaume Simmen

Tibor Udvari
UX/UI, soft goods / accessories, Data visualization, Documentary, Web, Electronics
guillaumme_simmen_BAMID.jpg Photo ECAL/Calypso Mahieu
Photo ECAL/Calypso Mahieu