Tangibles Worlds

Stella Speziali – Tangibles Worlds

Tangible worlds is a project combining virtual reality and tactile sensations, allowing us to feel as close as possible to the virtual elements present in the installation.

My research aims to make sure that the user doesn’t limit himself by simply observing the virtual universe, but interacts with the material within and become attentive of the feedback through his sensations and feelings that come by touching these textures.

The installation is composed of three different boxes. Each box contains an IR distance sensor, which detects when a hand is inserted and display the virtual world attributed to the box. This new virtual world surrounds the user. A sensor is placed on each wall within the boxes, this sensor recognizes the hand and activates an animation inside the virtual world. I tried to map the sensors in the virtual universe so that a little clue is given to the user and will lead him to trigger the animations.

Diploma project (2017) by Stella Speziali

Tibor Udvari
Virtual Reality (VR), Tangible Interaction, Scenography, Game, Installation, Electronics