Algae in posterum

Mara Wohlfahrt – Algae in posterum

Algae represent our past, our present and our future. They are at the origin of life on Earth and supply us with 70% of our oxygen. They are capable of transforming and thus replacing most of the products that represent a threat to the survival of our planet, such as plastics, fabrics and fuels.

Atelier LUMA, a design and research laboratory based in Arles, is looking for ways to transform algae into a material that can be used in the field of creation.

Since algae is still considered insignificant and sometimes even repulsive, the Algae in posterum project hopes, through collaboration with Atelier LUMA, to enhance this almost alchemical, even magical dimension of algae for the future of the creative field.

Diploma project (2022) by Mara Wohlfahrt

Photography direction, Documentary, Editorial
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