Antoine Contreras Salazar – Ballade

At a time when music can be accessed anywhere and at any time, how can one compose an interactive and evolving album that takes into account its environment? In an ode to strolling around Lausanne, the auditor discovers a polyphonic orchestra while walking through the city’s landmarks. The mobile phone becomes the tool for a composition that features different sound layers, revealed throughout the walk, where the music no longer has a pre-established duration but varies according to the places that are visited.

By their geolocation, the listeners/composers initiate new musical tracks as they walk along. A more organic mode of listening is introduced, where compass and binaural sounds reveal the abstract and digital substance that floats around us.

Diploma project (2022) by Antoine Contreras Salazar

Augmented Reality (AR, XR), UX/UI, Architecture, Data visualization, Sound, Web