Screen Design 2023

Screen Design 2023

Websites developed during a semester according to a recipe chosen by the students in the course of Screen Design of Harry Bloch, second year Bachelor Visual Communication.

Studio project (2023) with Harry Bloch

Elodie Anglade
Odran Jobin, Valentin Bonzon, Emma Grosu, Viktor Gagné, Charlotte Pralong, Julie Turin
UX/UI, Creative coding, Web

Les Takoyakis

Takoyaki is a popular Japanese snack made of wheat-flour batter and filled with various ingredients such as diced octopus, green onion, and tempura bits. This website presents a step-by-step recipe to make the perfect takoyaki, complete with detailed instructions and images to guide you along the way.


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By Odran JobinValentin Bonzon



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Word's best macarons

LES MEILLEURS MACARONS AU MONDE (Word's best macarons) is an experimental website that showcases the history and recipe of macarons. The website design is inspired by the iconic box of macarons, featuring a clean and minimalistic layout. 


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By Emma GrosuViktor Gagné





This website offers an engaging and interactive experience, guiding you through the process of making the delicious Dürüm Falafel dish. Esmeralda from "Le Marché du Temple" will guide you through the different steps and explain the history of how her shop started selling this this snack.


By Charlotte PralongJulie Turin

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