Paisajes Politices

Summer University November 2022 

During their trip, the students met several artists/designers and visited different cultural places such as Suizspacio, Pablo Suazo, Ciudad Abierta, Universidad Publica, Gam, Naranja Publicaciones, Tipo Movil.


Workshop (2023) with Angelo Benedetto, Diego Bontognali, Nicole Udry

Emma Chapuis
Ekaterina Bliznyuk, Agathe Bourrée, Ruben Campoy Bähler, Baptiste Chevalier, Ilaria Citti, Pablo Felley, Juliana Ferreira, Alexis Gargaloni, Aude Gunzinger, Laeticia Jakob, Hugo Jauffret, Ianka Jean-Marie, Samuel Leal, Daria Matveeva, Antonin Maudry, Aude Meyer de Stadelhofen, Alice Moor, Thomas Neyroud, Romain Oederlin, Ella Paleni, Benoît Rochat, Louis Roh, Tessa Roy, Laeticia Schwendi, Simon Schönmann, Michelle Zadio Villarroel, Alice Villars, Vera Gonzalez Ponce, Marjolaine Rey


Paisajes poéticos de Chile

Poetry occupies a significant place in Chile's rich cultural heritage, and the Swiss embassy in Chile has taken the initiative of bringing together the heritage of Swiss graphic design with that of Chilean poetry in a project.

Entitled "Paisajes poéticos de Chile", the installation is part of Suizspacio, a platform for cultural exchange between Switzerland and Chile, based at Santiago's Ñuñoa metro station. It was inaugurated on 21 July 2022.

This permanent installation consists of a series of imposing posters (2×3m), designed by 2nd year students, featuring extracts from poems written by twelve Chilean poets.




This book contains all the poems selected by the writer Alvaro Bisama, commissioned by the Swiss Embassy in Chile, Metro de Santiago and UMWELT architects, as part of Suizspacio's Paisajes Poéticos de Chile project, the platform for cultural exchange between Switzerland and Chile, which will be located at Nuñoa station in the Chilean capital from 2019.


Par Antonin Maudry