Mathieu Lang, Bachelor Industrial Design student at ECAL, won the 3rd ex-aequo prize (15,000 euros) on the occasion of the the prestigious Prix Emile Hermès with the theme "PLAY". His project called «Luc»  is a new typology of giant exquisite corpses. Project realised as part of Prix Emile Hermès with the support of Fondation d’entreprise Hermès.

Studio project (2016) by Marion Aeby, Gianfranco Baechtold, Isabelle Baudraz, Tobias Brunner, Jean-Baptiste Bruyère, Lison Christe, Raphaël Constantin, Camille Coquelle, Athime De Crecy, Alessia Di Santo, Salim Douma, Quentin Frichet, Marie-Camille Gras, Victor Guittet, Vincent Mailh, Jules Mas, Naomi Pellandini, Andreas Piedfort, Luisa Pietrini, Elie Reboul, Margot Reymond, Félicien Rousseau, Jeanne Siffert, Anna-Sophie Studer, Alix Szijártó, Paul Vachon, Adrian Woo, Mélanie Zufferey

Scenography, Installation