The students worked on creating a typographic 3D environment in a web browser. Using the words extracted from a dialogue, a sequence is illustrated in a synchronised way on two screens.

Workshop (2022) with Gaël Hugo, Yehwan Song

Elodie Anglade
Isaïa Delaplace, Théo Déchanez, Viktor Gagné, Alexandre Gambarini, Emma Grosu, Ayten Gönel, Sasha Iatsenia, Odran Jobin, Jérémie Kursner, Mélanie Martin, Marius Parisod, Charlotte Pralong, Gary Sandoz, Julie Turin

mr. Robot

In this dialogue from the series “Mr Robot”, the words spoken by each of the characters scroll and then gradually accumulate on the screen of the other speaker.

By Mélanie Martin and Odran Jobin


This project illustrates the song “Alphabet Boy” from two perspectives: being tall and being tiny. Following one or the other angle, the viewer discovers the landscape created by the words.

By Ayten Gönel and Sasha Iatsenia

Marriage Story

A heated dialogue between a couple from the movie “Marriage story” is illustrated. Each of the towers represents the words spoken and will be progressively destroyed as the exchanges continue.

By Jérémie Kursner and Alexandre Gambarini

Growing city

This project comically illustrates a dialogue between two voices who discover that a building is created with each word spoken.

By Julie Turin and Charlotte Pralong


Based on a dialogue from the movie “Interstellar”, this group worked on 3 smartphone screens. A matrix allows to make a transition between the different letters of the pronounced words.

By Viktor Gagné and Théo Déchanez