Much Faster, Much Slower

Much Faster, Much Slower

Second year Interaction Design students developped a messaging app centered around the theme of “Much Faster / Much Slower”. The goal is to create a unique mobile messaging app that offers a distinctive experience compared to existing instant messaging apps.

The project explores the impact of technology on our relationship with speed and communication. It focuses on how advancements in technologies have shaped our experiences and preferences for speed. The project also looks at the role of instant messaging apps in changing the way we communicate and interact, taking up a significant amount of our daily engagement time. The goal is to translate this fascination with speed and slowness into innovative interaction design concepts related to communication.

Studio project (2023) with Alain Bellet, Yehwan Song

Julie Turin, Viktor Gagné, Jérémie Kursner, Ayten Gönel
UX/UI, Visual identity, Web



BOUNCY is a messaging app that uses simple shapes to chat with your friends. The use of these shapes quickly gives the appearance of an abstract and funny conversation.

The messages in the system come to life through interaction, allowing the user to personalize their messages with shape, color, and emotion. The elasticity and physical properties of the messages add a dynamic quality as they bounce off one another. As a result, the conversation becomes an abstract representation of shape and color, showcasing the messages history.

By Julie Turin


NOMAD aims to elevate conversations with loved ones, creating a sense of special and unique moments where both parties feel truly connected.

This is achieved through key features such as appointment management, live streaming during chats, and a typewriter tool that adds a natural flow to the conversation. By combining space and time into one platform, NOMAD elevates the essence of meaningful conversations.

By Viktor Gagné




SOUNDS LIKE YOU is a unique app that connects people through their shared love of music. The app assigns a color-coded genre to each user and offers a built-in radio and database to personalize the listening experience. To start a conversation, users answer 10 questions based on their musical data, unlocking the ability to chat freely with others.

By Jérémie Kursner


SCRABBLES is a messaging app that adds a fun twist to communication. Users send messages by playing games like Pictionary, Tic Tac Toe, Battleship, and Heads or Tails. 

In Scrabbles, users can play simultaneous games or send challenges to friends. This creates a playful and entertaining way to communicate, reminiscent of classic paper games. Whether looking for a fun distraction or a unique messaging experience, Scrabble offers a creative and enjoyable way to connect with friends.


By Ayten Gönel