During the 2nd year Bachelor of Graphic Design visual identity course, students had to choose an object allowing them to perform an action and then bypass its basic function.
Following this, the students created a fictitious company or a creator behind this object allowing them to develop a visual identity concept as well as define the recurring elements of the identity in order to establish a modular graphic system that can be applied to a multitude of different media, fixed and animated.

Studio project (2023) by Yohann Kampmann, Simon Maurer, Delphine Moënnat, Monica Müller, Océane Pasteur, Luca Reichenbach, Luca Riva, Angeline Rossetti, Pierre Teissier, Baptiste Torrent, Elsa Trummer, Chloé Vandewalle

Department Visual Communication
Graphic Design - Media & Interaction Design - Photography
Photography direction, Visual identity, Editorial



Edition & Poster


The exhibition Future Is Below was born from the collaboration of four artists around a single object: the jigsaw blade. Each artist was free to choose how he or she would use it, leaving an almost unlimited space of possibility.
The origin of the exhibition embodies a way of thinking about the underlying themes of ecology and the consequences of the mass of waste produced today by human beings through an object of manufacture. Is a future possible thanks to recovery?

By Luca Reichenbach


Master Laser 

Edition, Animation & Poster


Fictitious visual identity for the company Master. It is a company specialized in the sale of high-end precision lasers. It offers a wide range of products adapted to all levels of use, whether for amateurs or professionals.

The identity is symbolized by a variable font, which perfectly represents the extent of Master's skills. The two axes of the typography are also significant: they represent the precision and the robustness of the proposed lasers.


By Baptiste Torrent




10 – 4

Edition, Animation & Poster

Why work from 9 to 5 when you can work from 10 to 4? That's the mantra of ten to four, a brand of accessories made from office objects that advocates non-productivity at work. The edition is presented as a guide to mastering the art of procrastination and can be read during lunch break or on the subway, before work, as a preamble to the day ahead.


By Chloé Vandewalle


Mineral grinding engineering

Edition, Animation & Poster


Mineral Grinding Engineering is a fictional company. It manufactures machines to grind the hardest minerals on the planet in order to make objects useful to people's daily lives.

With this project, I tell the story of the realization and use of the PM-23 machine by the company's scientists through the creation of a visual identity. The work is oriented towards a scientific visual, with images of the study, archives, data, diagrams and elements that tell the story of the research.


By Luca Riva




Edition, Animation & Poster

Clay is a project based on the concept of DIY and conservation through skin care masks. Clay is a creator of homemade cosmetics that promotes sustainability, authenticity, less is more and independence.


By Océane Pasteur




Poster & Animation


The KAOS-3 space is located underground: it is a club for those who want a loud, mathematically confusing, fluid, dirty experience. The identity project wants to look at the main tools for creating the performances offered in the club: the Korg Kaossilators (KO-1), that is, dynamic phrase synthesizers, which produce a different sound or note every time you touch the pad with a finger.

The visual identity of the KAOS-3 club explores music, sound, visuals and modularity through a code that recreates random images through the use of synthesizer touch screens combined with sound.


By Monica Müller