Image Creation

Image Creation

In the course of the Image Creation course taught by Guy Meldem, third year students choose the subject they wish to work on. They develop their own technique and approach to image-making in preparation for their diploma project and their future professional practice.

Studio project (2023) with Guy Meldem

Emma Chapuis
Ekaterina Bliznyuk, Agathe Bourrée, Ruben Campoy Bähler, Ilaria Citti, Pablo Felley, Juliana Ferreira, Aude Gunzinger, Laeticia Jakob, Hugo Jauffret, Ianka Jean-Marie, Alice Moor, Ella Paleni, Louis Roh, Tessa Roy, Laeticia Schwendi, Alice Villars
Photography direction, Editorial





This Fanzine was conceived as an inclusive meeting place. The poems, texts and thoughts of several artists have been assembled in order to develop an emancipating plural expression. The underlying objective is to escape together from the daily social pressure.

By Vera Gonzalez Ponce





Does religion offer a code of conduct to quickly transform our lives into an experience of freedom, true happiness and love? What should we believe in? Superstition is a catalogue based on the God & Sons exhibition at the Roman Museum in Lausanne, offering a tale that traces the path of a hopeful spiritual humanism.


By Laeticia Jakob




Ici Loin



Ici Loin is the exploration of an imaginary world through the eyes of a curious and wandering protagonist. The research that accompanies this graphic novel offers an experimental dimension to the project and seeks to give particular importance to the creative process.

By Louis Roh


Le Parlement des choses



According to the theory of the anthropologist Bruno Latour, our modern society is separated between the political and the scientific spheres. Science would represent the unpredictable state of things, while politics is composed of a mixture of ideologies and beliefs. This confusion between these two instances would make hybridisation unrepresentable. Through the representation of objects from our collective memory, this project proposes a system of images illustrating the association of this nature/culture paradox.

The superposition of these two objects, on the one hand cultural and on the other scientific, gives rise to the emergence of new discourses in order to allow the representation of hybrid objects. This project is printed in vegetable ink and chemical ink.

By Ianka Jean-Marie




The Pathmark Shooting of Old Bridge



Based on the most common clichés in the media space, this interactive installation reflects the double reality that social networks sell us. The fake and artificial side of the "good life" is confronted with the real and depressing aspects of human nature, all depending on the movements of the viewer and his or her shot. Sometimes the images are intertwined to emphasise the interdependence and coexistence of these two worlds.

By Ekaterina Bliznyuk