Wild Research Club


Wild Research Club

Workshop avec Ricardo Leite

Graphic design is a powerful tool to connect, explore, provoke, research, reveal, question and dig through the world narrative that surround us. Using graphic design tools students were tasked to research global issues, working as multidisciplinary practitioners to develop outstanding concepts for visual communication. The theme of the workshop is Ideas for the Future . The workshop was divided into groups that worked through various fields of interest. Each group had to work on its own assignment, focusing on a singular question for the Future . Groups explore the subject by visually reviewing, researching, reflecting and reconnecting to political, economic, ecological and social challenges. On the final day, questions for the future will be presented in a collective exhibition of publications, posters, visual essays, objects or even performances. Océane Bacher, Thibault Baralon, Maude Bernardoni, Hélène Bezzola, Ludmila Bredikhina, Juliette Caillault, Clement Chavanne, Sebastian Davila, Sarah Di Venosa, Marie Disle, Loïc Dupasquier, Luca Duveau, Eilean Friis-Lund, Monica Gonçalves, Alexis Hominal, Matthieu Huegi, Ines Jaïbi, Claire Mayoud, Guillaume Meyer, Dimitri Nägele, Tamara Niklaus, Tara Quinsac, Nasthasya Reuter, Vincent Sauvaire, Luc Vega and Alice Vodoz