Conférence ECAL: Matthew Carter
Auditoire IKEA, ECAL

Conférence ECAL: Matthew Carter – Type Designer, Cambridge (USA)

ECAL Lectures (September 2018)

Matthew Carter, Type Designer, Cambridge (USA)
Wednesday 19 September at 5.30pm, IKEA Auditorium, ECAL

Matthew Carter (b. in London, 1937) is often introduced as “the most widely read man in the world”. With more than 50 years of designing and manufacturing iconic fonts, from punchcutting todigital type design, he has developed an impressive series of typefacesboth for retail and custom projects — including Verdana,Georgia, BellCentennial, Tahoma, Miller, Galliard and Charter. In 2010, Matthew Carter was nominated as Fellow of the MacArthur Foundation, a prize known as a “genius grant”.

5, avenue du Temple
CH-1020 Renens
Tél. : +41 (0)21 316 99 33
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Auditoire IKEA, ECAL