Marius Aeberli – Elapse

« As in accordance with the subjective vision of the user, ELAPSE offers a so-subjective visual extension adapted to each personal representation of time.

Computer science and information processing have always pretended to be precise and exhaustive with a tendency to emphasize standardization. Until now, this absolute rationale has filled users subjectivity and cognitive imperfections. Nowadays, a single user interacts with digital universe tens of thousands times a day and, this same universe tends to be inspired by our own behaviors in its evolution. Nevertheless, interfaces remain just like their hosts: cold, precise and standardized or, inspired by obsolete graphical codes to which they are used.

Entitled ELAPSE, my project offers a different graphical approach than interface design. Through a principle of calendar/schedule, symbol of applied computer science, the graphical interface can be entirely modeled by the user according to his conception of time. This cognitive approach allows users to leave the superfluous and to bypass the power of accuracy. Therefore, weeks and days may be unrolled in different directions and days of the week as well as hours may have different visual duration. In the same pers- pective, some days can be preferred to others and some appointments can be indicated as more pleasant than others. ELAPSE also recommends the most suitable moment for a particular appointment and permits the user to create a to-do list depending on the place where he is located and, in consequence, avoiding useless overwork. Naturally, this application is not necessarily aimed to users willing to be strongly and precisely organized but rather to those needing to make an effort when using a calendar, despite the experience of the years and of the time. »

Marius Aeberli

Projet de diplôme (2011) par Marius Aeberli

UX/UI, Outillage / Outils