Dans le cadre d’une collaboration avec la marque avant-gardiste suisse On, l’ECAL est fière de présenter le travail interdisciplinaire réalisé conjointement par les étudiant·e·s de 2e année des Masters Design de produit, Photographie et Type Design.

Collaboration (2022) par Emma Bedos, Alexey Chernikov, Clemens Fischer, Nikolai Frerichs, Mahalia Taje Giotto, Hikaru Hori, Augustin Lignier, Sophie Schreurs, Alisa Strub, Yang Su

3D Graphics, Création image, Direction image, Mode, Nature morte
Sous la direction du photographe Maxime Guyon, 12 étudiant·e·s ont donné forme à ce que pourrait être l’univers visuel de On dans le futur. En étroite collaboration avec le Master Design de Produit, ils·elles présentent l’imaginaire et l’identité visuelle de la semelle de 2040.

En 2010, On créait une nouvelle semelle de chaussures de course par une approche disruptive : CloudTec®. Construites autour d’un ensemble d’« éléments flexibles », les semelles On assurent atterrissage amorti et décollage propulsif pour des sensations de course uniques. Une architecture adoptée depuis par les amateur·rice·s de course comme les professionnel·le·s du domaine. Aujourd’hui, la recherche de nouveaux matériaux et de technologies inédites encourage la marque à explorer l’avenir de la semelle. C’est dans cette perspective qu’est née la collaboration entre deux entités de pointe dans le milieu du design suisse : ECAL et On.  


In 2040, the earth has been trodden by billions of men, by armies, sportsmen, bankers and adventurers. It becomes mud, shapeless, it sticks everywhere after having been trampled by our plastic sneakers, symbol of our consumerism. But the earth turned into mud keeps in its heart the strength to carry life. Inexhaustible ground of energy and diversity, it takes shape again. This mud is the amniotic liquid of tomorrow’s material. The man of 2040 finds himself facing a new raw element, with which he regains his footing: the earth offers him a new ground to walk on.

Par Emma Bedos



The protagonists of this series are the engineers of On, busy in creating and perfectioning the new sole Clouds 2040 in the On laboratories.

Par Mattia Dagani Rio



For the On running project, I created a futuristic visual world in which the shoes become living organisms. I took 3D scans of the shoes and transformed them into sculptures which would not be possible with classic photography. In the animations, they become something living even when they are made out of futuristic shiny materials. For me the future of products and materials should be hand in hand together with more natural and lab grown materials. On some pictures, it seems like you can harvest the shoes from the sculptures. The visuals also refers to classic still life photography and composition.

Par Nikolai Frerichs



For the On Clouds2040 project, I focused on the engineering part of the brand and tried to get to know On products through testing them with fictive devices. In a second step, I thought about how I can improve the shoes to make them ready for the challenges of the future. These are the results of my research.

Par Clemens Fischer



A little less than a month ago, China landed its first rover on Mars. Two months ago, the USA, with the help of its astromobile perseverance, converted carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere into oxygen. Twenty years ago, Russia sent their first tourist into space. What awaits us in twenty years from now? My vision of the future for 2040 is a vision that takes place elsewhere, in a different space-time, where the laws of physics that we have known until now would no longer apply. New materials will be discovered, materials that renew themselves and react according to the dimension in which they are found. As On is at the cutting edge of technology, the brand will have already appropriated the technology necessary to use these materials, in order to offer ever more daring models adapted to each level of intensity. Allowing then more space exploration.

Par Mahalia Taje Giotto



According to the rover perseverance which landed in February 2021, life on mars doesn’t seem that far away anymore. So, the On 2040 campaign is all about looking forward to a new era of civilization on Mars while adapting to the changing environments. It focuses on growing from where we have come before trough the exploration of the planet, to try to find new sustainable materials in new organic growing, as well as the hybridization of humans and other non-human beings.

Par Alisa Strub



Each rock is a hard drive in the natural form. Each rock contains a piece of memory that tells its own past, where it comes from, what it used to be, and what happened. Years after years, it keeps the data of itself as a secret, lying still in a river, in a mountain, meditating, waiting. Until maybe one day some force cracks the rock, or someone cracks the code, then they’ll find the secret of the rock, tells an ordinary but unique story.

Par Yang Su

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ECAL x On - Image par ECAL/Marvin Merkel
ECAL x On - Image par ECAL/Marvin Merkel